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a photo and foodie tour of five of the most picturesque villages of Italy

The five picturesque villages, known as the coque samsung a6 champion Cinque Terre, are located on the Ligurian Riviera, between coque samsung s8 nissan the Mesco Point and the Cavo Promontory coque samsung s7 fleur silicone (Montenero coque samsung galaxy s10 clear view Point), just beyond the town coque huawei p30 of La samsung s8 coque pokemon Spezia). They count among the most scenic and colorful villages of Italy.

The landscape of the Cinque Terre is shaped by a rocky coastline and colorful houses built against the coque samsung s10 anneau cliffs. Three of the villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, are nestled in small, protected marine inlets. coque samsung a5 2017 hakuna matata Corniglia is situated higher up a cliff, while the last one, Monterosso, lies within a gulf. The area boasts not only one of a kind, jaw dropping views and beautiful footpaths, but also quality food products, thanks to itsvineyards, olive groves (in Vernazza), citron (cedro) iblason coque samsung s9 and lemon trees (in Monterosso), as well as fig and peach trees grown on this small patch of land.

Lemons from

All villages were built on the same principle, with a castle erected on top of the mountain by the feudal families who originally ruled over the Cinque Terre and which served to defend the village against the Saracen invaders and pirates coming from the sea. Lack of open space created thecharacteristic tall, narrow houses.

The terrain is so hostile that, before the railway, itwas very common for people of Monterosso and the other villages to never leave their hometown, let alone to get as far as Riomaggiore and vice versa. PhotoSlow Italy.

The term «Cinque Terre» was coined by Giacomo Iacopo Bracelli, Chancellor of the Republic of Genoa in 1448, in order to distinguish this agricultural and wine growing area from the rest of the republic. So the name of the region has always been linked to its wine. The Cinque Terre wine is an excellent dry white DOC wine and the Cinque Terre Sciacchetr, an amber or golden colored passito (sweet) wine,delicious with aged cheeses and coque samsung galaxy s7 totoro desserts of good consistency (panforte, pandolce, coque samsung galaxy s8 liquide was one of the first Italian passito wines to be known outside its production area.

Photo Slow Italy

The Cinque Terre are famous for their salted coque samsung s9 silicone integral anchovies, an icon of the local cuisine, which taste like nowhere else! For centuries, the fishermen of the coque samsung s9 Cinque Terre have caught this small fish using a traditional technique that, according to the legend, stems for the Saracen pirates. Fishing takes place at night with a lamp which attracts the shoals of anchovies. The anchovies should be eaten three coque samsung s8 plus sexy ways: raw with oil and lemon, or flat leaf parsley and garlic; cooked with potatoes; fried or stuffed.

Another food specialty of the region are the famous crostata alla marmellata di limone and the local limoncello, which is called limoncino here, made with the locally grown lemons, and, of course, the Cinque Terre olive oil.

Limoncino (lemon liquor) of the Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre cuisine shows obvious Ligurian influences, but without any typical local trait, except for the anchovies. Pesto, a typical element of Ligurian cuisine, tastes differently (sweeter and intenser) in the Cinque Terre, as only small leaf basil that is cultivated close to the sea is being used for the local pesto.

The area was declared UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. coque samsung galaxy a5 2015 musique In 1999, the coque samsung s7 liquide disney Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre was created to protect the natural environment and the scenery. The beautiful area is an example of how man has succeeded in finding a balance between nature and its own subsistence. No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to coque huawei p9 this photographer and foodie paradise!Probably founded by a group of Greek refugees who settled in the coque carte du monde samsung s7 area in the 7th century, Riomaggiore dates back to the end of the 12th century when inhabitants of the mountain villages decided to migrate towards the coast.

Riomaggiore Marina. PhotoSlow Italy.

Riomaggiore. PhotoSlow Italy.

Even though it is not as obvious anymore today, the village was originally made up of two parts, the borgo dei pescatori (fishermen village), down at the marina, and the borgo dei contadini, the peasants village, higher up the hill.

Riomaggiore. PhotoSlow Italy.

Riomaggiore uphill with the John Baptist Church on the left. PhotoSlow Italy.

The name of the village stems from Rivus Major one of the two rivers (now covered) that crosses the village.

Riomaggiore. Photo by Michael Muraz

The village remained relatively unknown until the Florentine impressionist painter Telemaco Signorini discovered it in 1860 and began exhibiting his works depicting the beautiful village in Florence, Venice, London and Paris. The story goes that, while at the market in La Spezia, he met two women who were coque portefeuille disney samsung s8 dressed differently, which made him wonder coque huawei p10 where they came from. He fell in love with the quaint village and came back at regular intervals.

Riomaggiore. PhotoSlow Italy.

The small marina is extremely scenic at sunset. Past the harbor there is a small cove with rocky pebble beach.

There’s a nice restaurant located at the heart of the Marina, with a beautiful terrace, worth trying, if only for the magical atmosphere in the small, picturesque harbor at night.

Riomaggiore, marina. PhotoSlow Italy.

However, coque samsung s5 one of our favorite restaurants in Riomaggiore is Ripa al Sole, located in the upper part of the village. Try the carpaccio di Ricciola and the Spigola alla ligurese (with baked patatoes, tomatoes and a little pesto).

Riomaggiore enoteca. PhotoSlow Italy.

Of particular historic interest also are the Church of Saint John the Baptist, built in 1340, and the fortress…

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