Pair arrested over stolen guns

Pair arrested over stolen guns

A 19-year-old man was arrested Thursday in connection with a gun plot that prosecutors say he orchestrated, with authorities releasing pictures of his alleged cell mates.

Daniel B. Rufe바카라사이트l was taken into custody Thursday afternoon by St. Augustine police and charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute guns after an investigation that resulted in the arrest of three people who allegedly hatched plans to distribute several hundred firearms through various Internet stores.

Rufel told police he was attempting to buy more firearms from the online vendors at the time of the plot, he testified at a pretrial hearing Thursday. However, one of the vendors, Aaron M., was not among the three people arrested.

Police arrested him Thursday afternoon and charged him with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute바카라사이트 firearms, felony weapons possession, and possession of ammunition after an investigation that resulted in an arrest of multiple firearms.

According to court documents, Rufel was planning to go to the online store and buy one of several firearms from someone listed as «Adam» in the online database, «who is also the man Rufel was dealing drugs with,» and who also has a court record of having mental issues. Rufel, who police believe may have been connected to a gang that was involved in gun violence in South Florida, told police that when he learned that Adam was also in the online store, Rufel realized h우리카지노e had to do something else before he sold Adam any firearms.

Investigators also discovered that Rufel’s friends, who were in communication with Rufel, were attempting to purchase firearms from someone on the Internet «Adam’s» list. Investigators believe that some of the individuals on the Internet list met with «Adam» to arrange to make some firearms for sale to «Adam.»

According to police, Rufel told authorities that Adam said the guns in question would be used to kill people, and that Adam told him, «The only way you’re going to do it is to make guns for the drug dealers who are killing each other.»

Police also charged B.M. Rufel with conspiracy to possess firearms without a license under a false pretense and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. When Rufel was taken into custody in Jacksonville today, he was being held on $50,000 bond.

Adam’s was a social media site for people to post pictures and information about the gun buying, selling, or manufacturing process. Adam’s has been shut down, and there have been n